My friends know that I am becoming less and less comfortable in traditional scientific writing. More than ‘uncomfortable’, I feel dissatisfied: the academic system, by focusing on scientific articles and books, does not value the production of creative texts, in innovative formats and that really make the reader reflect beyond the words. Although I am not going to stop publishing scientific texts in the usual channels, I am interested in exploring new writing styles and publishing formats. The Laws of the Interface (Gedisa, 2018) was a first step in that direction: it is a volume full of stories and anecdotes that facilitate the interaction with the reader and, although it has a high theoretical density, it can be read in a fluid way. …


Carlos A. Scolari

UPF researcher: interfaces, digital media, transmedia & media ecology/evolution + TEDx + PI of H2020 @Trans_literacy + blogger: @cscolari

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